Hottest vintage scene with Michael Cates and Ginger Lynn

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Ginger Lynn turns in one of her best early performances in this scorching look at models, massage parlors and the gals who make them both sizzle. Ginger plays the owner of an outcall massage service, setting up sexy young babes with well-paying clients for some one-on-one fun. She spends her off-hours at home with roommates Tom Byron and Greg Rome, a couple of out of work male strippers. Of course, Tom only has eyes for her, while Greg’s got the hots for wannabe model Roxanne Rolland. In the end, they all decide to try and become models — only to find that modeling’s every bit as sex-drenched as massage ever was! Filled with gorgeous performers and white-hot sex, this is a 80s porn at its bawdy best!


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